Dems Can't Stop Beating On Lott

Trent Lott is gone and the Democrats still can't stop beating him up.

A number of statements were issued from the offices of Democratic senators and Congress people saying that dumping Lott isn't enough, that it is the Republican Party that is racist, not just one senator.

This comes after the Republicans — not the Democrats — kicked Lott out of his leadership role. Can you imagine what they would be saying if the Republicans had stuck with Lott?

They are going to push this as if it's an issue, as if it's a substitute for their failed issue on the economy. They are going to spend the next few months, even years, putting sheets on Republicans and sending out fund raising mailers with burning crosses.

Why is this happening? Because they haven't got an issue, and Lott gave them one.

Swing voters are important. Minority voters are important. The Democrats want to bring them back. Who wants to be siding with racists? No one.

So they will wave the racist bloody shirt. If Republicans argue, as they have for years, that this country should be color blind when it comes to opportunity for work or places in universities, then they will say, "It's the old racists at work again".

I'm not saying there aren't racists in the Republican Party. there probably are, same as there are racists among the Democrats. The point is, the Republicans just took steps to make sure that those dishonored policies of the past are consigned to history's dustbin.

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