About Schmidt, The Sopranos and Survivor

That Nicholson film, The Sopranos and a Survivor in the just voted off glare of The Foxlight.

Dermot Mulroney's hair kept him out of a steakhouse when he was shooting About Schmidt in Omaha. It's really because he didn't want to take off his hat in the dining room. Mulroney plays a not-so-bright guy with a weird kind of mullet. Part of his mullet is a wig. He had to shave some of his own hair for it to set right. And, Mulroney says it was just too hard to explain when the hostess at one steakhouse told him to remove the hat. So, instead, he went across the street to eat.

We'll have to wait for the next season of The Sopranos to see if Tony and Carmela are headed for divorce. But, James Gandolfini's real divorce is final. Gandolfini and his now-ex-wife, Marcella, married three years ago. Gandolfini's lawyer says this is one of the "friendliest" divorces he's seen. As Gandolfini left the courtroom he said, "It's over. Everyone loves each other very much." Something tells me Carmela won't go away as quietly.

Finally, does anyone care about the finale of Survivor Thailand? Didn't think so.