Topics and Guests, December 17

Tonight on Special Report with Brit Hume:

Major Garrett reports: President Bush will deploy a limited defense system to protect the nation against ballistic missiles by 2004. The system will use technologies in advanced stages of development. A more advanced system will later be put into place.

Guest preview: Pollster Scott Rasmussen, of gives us his take on Sen. Trent Lott, R-Miss., and whether the GOP needs to attract more minorities.


• Senate Republican leader Trent Lott gives a 30-minute interview to Black Entertainment Television in his latest effort to tamp the maelstrom arising from remarks the Mississippi senator made implying warm feelings for the segregation era.

• Opposition hopes for military disobedience to Hugo Chavez dim after Venezuela's army chief criticizes a 15-day-old strike aimed at forcing the president to quit or call early elections.

• Attackers hurl a grenade into a jeep carrying two U.S. soldiers and an Afghan interpreter in the heart of Kabul, wounding all three.

• U.N. inspectors fan out at Baghdad University, a day after their biological weapons experts searched a genetics institute on the campus in response to a tip from Iraq's voluminous weapons declaration.

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