More Than a Lot of Lott

Everybody who's heard more than a lot about Trent Lott, raise their hand.

Me, I'm tired of it. Lott's either going to survive or he's not. By this time, it seems that everybody who's had something to say about it has said it. I'm tired of the blather.

Lott went from ticking off the liberals to ticking off the conservatives, and that was a bad series of moves.

But at this point, if somebody really wants him gone, they should give it a rest. People have heard so much about what he is and isn't, what he says and hasn't said, what he believed in and what he now doesn't believe in... you just want to say, "Hey, can this guy do the job most Republicans want him to do or not?"

After all, he is the GOP's leader in the Senate, not the Democrats'. And that's the rub.

It's the Republicans who are pushing him toward the door right now, because they don't want his face going out on 100 million fund raising letters from the DNC, and they don't want President Bush's face morphing into Lott's come election time.

Do you believe John Lewis or not? This is a guy who fought all the civil rights battles of the '60s in Mississippi and Georgia and elsewhere. If anybody has a claim to know a segregationist when he sees one, it's Lewis. He says he can work with Lott, so why isn't that enough?

Enough. I wasn't going to talk about it anymore, and I went and did it anyway. It's time to go do some holiday shopping, support the economy and forget about Lott.

That's My Word.

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