Guests and Topics: December 17

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Senate Republican leader Trent Lott gave a 30-minute interview to Black Entertainment Television Monday in his latest effort to tamp the maelstrom arising from remarks the Mississippi senator made implying warm feelings for the segregation era. Bob Dole, former Senate majority leader weighs in on the controversial comments…

And does Bill Bennett think Lott should step down? He’ll react…

Calling it the "most difficult decision I have ever made," former Vice President Al Gore said Monday that he decided during rehearsal for his hosting job on Saturday Night Live last week not to run for president in 2004. Now that Gore’s no longer a contender, who does former Colorado Senator, Gary Hart, think will carry the torch?

Double standard? A school in NYC has banned a nativity scene but has allowed the Menorah to be displayed. How can one religious symbol be displayed during the holidays but not another? The issue has led to a lawsuit. Join this debate!
David Saperstein, Religious Action Center of Reform Judaism
Richard Thompson, Thomas Moore Law Center

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