Guests and Topics: December 17

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The incoming Senate Majority Leader, Mississippi Republican Senator Trent Lott, apologized again last night for remarks he made at Senator Strom Thurmond's 100th birthday party. He gave an interview to Ed Gordon of Black Entertainment Television. After several public apologies, why can't some people forgive Lott for his remarks? Should African-Americans overlook Lott's remarks because he is now promising to help them? We'll talk about it with Thomas Dortch, Jr. the president of the Atlanta branch of 100 Black Men of America, Inc.

Then, a stunning verdict in a Baltimore, Maryland courtroom. A man who confessed to shooting a priest has been acquitted of all felony charges, including attempted murder... He says the priest sexually assaulted him as a teenager. The man said he had an "out of body experience" when he fired the gun. But has justice been served? We'll have a report on the very emotional case.

Plus, yet another town in America is having problems with the ACLU over Christmas. We'll talk to Jack Dale Delhomme, the mayor of Breaux Bridge, Louisiana who says he won't back down in this dispute.

And later... the latest rage at some American high schools is lesbian chic... You won't believe this story!

Also, the President and Dean of Boston's Episcopal Divinity School, the Rt. Rev. Stephen Charleston joins some other Episcopal bishops and warns the Catholic church not to blame homosexuals for the priest-sex abuse scandal. We'll talk with Bishop Charleston this evening.

Finally, why is writer and author Dominick Dunne being sued by Rep. Gary Condit?

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