George Clooney, J-Lo's new rival and John Travolta

George Clooney, J-Lo's new rival and John Travolta in the warm pulp fiction glare of The Foxlight.

George Clooney says he's over-paid. He says paying guys like him $20 million is dumb because it makes movies too expensive. After Solaris he may be feeling guilty. But he didn't feel guilty the other night in Manhattan when a woman came to his table at a restaurant and said "Remember me?" The two obviously had a romantic past -- she said it lasted four hours. George kept his cool.

Move over J-Lo. Stuff magazine says while you may be marrying the sexiest man alive, you're not the sexiest woman alive. J-Lo was No. 2 the magazine's list. Who's No. 1? The woman Pierce Brosnan says would make a great Bond girl -- not Halle Berry -- she came up No. 49. It's Monica Bellucci who stars in the next two Matrix movies and blew everyone away as Malena and in Under Suspicion.

Finally, John Travolta is a flying nut. Has a fleet of planes and rarely gets on board a commercial airliner. But head into outer space? He says no thanks. He couldn't be a space passenger because he'd want to be in charge.