Ads Give Credit to 'Visa Girl'

That excitable girl on the Visa ads is so popular she may get a regular gig on a new sitcom.

Christina Chambers, the happy checkout girl who gushes over Frasier star Jane Leeves in the credit card spot, has become the most-talked about commercial star of the holiday season.

"They were looking for someone perky and silly, which evidently I do pretty well," Chambers told The New York Post. "I'm beginning to wonder if I'm not a little too happy and perky."

The spot debuted a few weeks ago along with two other Visa commercials. "I felt very strongly that we needed somebody who was very ebullient, very up and very believable as an endearing, maniacal fan," says Jimmy Siegel, senior creative director and vice chairman of BBDO New York, who oversees the Visa campaign.

In the spot, Chambers is an over-the-top sales girl in a department store who cannot suppress her enthusiasm while waiting on Leeves, who plays Daphne on Frasier. Leeves assumes the high-pitched emotions is because Chambers recognizes her from the sitcom.

"You're just saying that because I'm on TV," says Leeves.

"You're on TV?" says the stunned sales girl.

The punch-line is that Chambers is just excited by anyone who uses a Visa card.

Chambers has her fingers crossed that she'll get a regular gig on a new Fox comedy, called Wanda at Large, starring comedian Wanda Sykes.

In an episode she plays a perky bartender at the watering-hole where the show's characters hang out at the end of the day.

She has already appeared in small parts on several shows including CSI. Chambers also appeared last year as the killer on MTV's soap-opera/mystery Spyder Games, but cut her teeth as a regular for more than two years on the now defunct soap, Sunset Beach.

Chambers has also posed for the lad magazine, Stuff.

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