Topics and Guests for December 12

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Topics and Guests for December 12:

Former Priest Shanley gets $300,000.00 bail posted for him. How did this happen?
Mitchell Garabedian, attorney for Victim's of clergy sexual abuse
Daniel Brennan, molested by Father Shanley in 1960

Meet Miss World 2002!
Azra Akin, Miss Turkey and Miss World 2002

UN officials won't reveal Iraq suppliers to the public. Should we release names of supporters to Iraq?
Wayne Madsen, former national security adviser
Mark Brzezinski, former director of Southeast European Affairs on the National Security Council


Border security: Should some militia members patrol our borders?
Arizona militia leader says if the government won't protect us from illegal immigrants, he will.
Chris Simcox, Arizona militia leader
Frank Sharry, exec director of National Immigration Forum

Iran may present a greater threat than Iraq…
Amb. L. Paul Bremer, III, national commission on terrorism

A holiday special on E!
The Anna Nicole Holiday Special
It premieres Sunday, December 15 on E!
Anna Nicole Smith, star of the show

Trent Lott wanted to honor his friend, retiring Sen. Strom Thurmond, and he never meant to imply that he supported Thurmond's segregationist policies of the past, the incoming Senate majority leader said Thursday.
Joe Watkins, political commentator
Jamal Simmons, Democratic strategist

Bond mania!
John Cork, co-author of James Bond the Legacy

Target Iraq: $92 million to train Iraqi militia
Sharif Ali bin Al-Hussein, Iraqi national congress
Dr. Jeff Addicott, former Green Beret


Who are the most boring celebrities of the year? Spoofing on the big names in the news and why they've been overexposed!
Alan Caruba, founder of the Boring Institute

Target Iraq: Allies allow the U.S. to use their air base. What is our game plan?
Retired Army Major General Paul Vallely, U.S. Army

NOTE: Topics and guests are subject to change