Minority Report, The Country Bears, Unfaithful and Crocodile Hunter

I thought Minority Report was a very cool movie -- for about 20 minutes. Then it gets a little weird, and by the end a lot weird. Steven Spielberg and Tom Cruise must have seemed like a 'can't miss' on paper. Spielberg says they love it in Europe because those audiences are more patient. Sure.

Want to see Haley Joel Osmont in a movie even worse than A.I.? Well he's somewhere under the bear fur in The Country Bears. He's so unrecognizable they could have just had him do a voice over.

Crikey, a lot of people sure like the Steve Irwin the Crocodile Hunter -- even my wife. But I think she just wants him to catch her a pair of shoes. Anyway, Irwin's big screen debut is out on the small screen where you can usually find him for free. Forget the plot, there isn't really much of one. And speaking of wives, his real life wife, Terri Irwin, is in the movie.

Finally, Diane Lane was incredible in Unfaithful. But the Oscar talk earlier in the year has calmed -- so will she be forgotten? Roger Ebert hopes not. And he gives a convoluted synopsis of the story....

EBERT: She doesn't know what her husband knows. He doesn't know what she knows that he knows, neither one of them knows what the police know.

Oh forget it. She's great. Don't miss this one.