Guests and Topics: December 16

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Al Gore is not running for president in 2004, but Sen. Joe Lieberman, his 2000 presidential running mate, is likely to make a go for it on his own.

"What was until yesterday only a possibility, an abstraction, this morning becomes a reality, a concrete reality, and it is an awesome opportunity, one to be taken with the greatest of seriousness," the Connecticut Democrat told reporters Monday. "As I have said to many of you when you asked me how likely was it that I would run if Al Gore did not run, I said I probably would run if Al Gore doesn't run, and that remains the case."
Peter Fenn, Democratic strategist
Betsy Hart
, Republican consultant

And U.N. inspectors hunted for weapons of mass destruction at missile plants and nuclear complexes Sunday, while an unusual visitor -- Hollywood star Sean Penn -- spoke out in Baghdad against a U.S. attack and in support of the Iraqi people caught up in an international crisis. In Berlin, meanwhile, the German defense ministry said the United Nations had asked it to supply the inspection operation with unmanned spy aircraft to help in the search for banned Iraqi weapons or the facilities to make them. Is actor Sean Penn a traitor?
Eleanor Clift, FOX News political analyst
Kim Alfano
, Republican media consultant

Trent Lott's troubles aren't over yet.
Conrad Tillard, Movement for Change
Richard Aborn, Democratic strategist

Iowa Governor Tom Vilsack was a key supporter of Al Gore in the 2000 presidential election. Now that Gore is no longer a contender for 2004, who does the governor think will hold the Democratic ticket?
Gov. Tom Vilsack, D-Iowa

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