Tip Sheet for the Week of Dec. 14-21

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FRED BARNES, CO-HOST: It's tricky, it's dangerous, it's educational, and it's world-famous.  Mort, it's tip sheet time. And you're in the hot seat this week.

Item one, Spanish Prime Minister Jose Maria Asnar will visit President Bush here in Washington next week. That's not Ed Asner. You got that?

MORT KONDRACKE, CO-HOST: He's off there with Martin Sheen somewhere.

BARNES: Right, yes.

KONDRACKE: Anyway, hurray for Spain. They're foursquare with, with us on the war with Iraq, and, and with Britain. And it was the Spanish navy that intercepted those North Korean missiles headed for Yemen, which unfortunately we had to let through.

BARNES: Yes, I agree.

Item two, South Korea holds presidential elections next week.

KONDRACKE: Well, the North Koreans are acting up, restarting a nuclear program and stuff. They're trying to intimidate the South Koreans into reinstalling Kim Dae Jung's party, which I think they'll succeed with.

BARNES: You know, if we didn't protect South Korea, you know what would happen? It would be a part of North Korea.

Item number three, the so-called quartet comprised of the U.S., U.N., the European Union, and Russia will meet Friday to discuss a future Palestinian state.

KONDRACKE: Well, this is going to get delayed, and they were supposed to talk about Palestinian democracy, but the fact is that there is no Palestinian democracy.  Why? Because Yasser Arafat won't let it happen.

BARNES: Yes, shouldn't they wait until the Israeli election in January?

KONDRACKE: That's, that's the U.S. objection.

BARNES: All right. Item number four, British Prime Minister Tony Blair and Syrian President Bashar al-Assad meet next week, the first state visit by a Syrian president.

KONDRACKE: Well, what Blair should tell Assad is, Listen, when the Iraq war starts, you contain Hezbollah. Do not let them attack Israel, and don't send them off on terrorist missions to the United States.

BARNES: And get your troops out of Lebanon. OK.

Final item, number five, as early as next week, the Pentagon could begin inoculating as many as half a million soldiers headed for the Persian Gulf. Well, are you getting a shot?

KONDRACKE: Yes, I might. I had one when I was a kid, so did you, probably.

BARNES: Right.

KONDRACKE: I think this was a good Bush decision. And the next thing that's got to happen, though, is that we've got to have nerve gas detector devices installed in subways and other closed places in the United States, because the Iraqis have let VX gas loose to Al Qaeda.

BARNES: Excellent idea.

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