Guests and Topics: December 13

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Was it right for 12 public schools around the nation to allow rapper Jay Z to be their "Principal for a Day?" Is this sending young kids the right message? We'll ask a rap music big wig, Russell Simmons to explain the rap industry and its artists.

Then, Florida Governor Jeb Bush has recently fired several officials who were running the state's embattled Department of Children and Families. But one critic says this is the wrong approach. Now, no one is minding the store! We'll speak with Jack Levine from Florida Voices for Children and Families.

And, a school principal and her policeman husband on trial in Southern California for abusing their son ... Wait till you hear what happened! Was it child abuse or just a case of "tough love?"  

Plus, the controversy over Mississippi Senator Trent Lott's remarks at Strom Thurmond's birthday party continues... And Cardinal Bernard Law finally steps down after months of controversy and outrage. We'll take a look at the way ideology and partisanship has played out in both these stories... Loyalty is a virtue but is partisanship in this country out of control?

Also, we'll have a heartwarming Factor Follow-Up... Remember the little girl in Russia who wasn't being allowed to come home to her parents in the United States due to an INS snafu? We have an update you won't want to miss!

Finally, there are lots of groups who would like you to put a little cash in their coffers this holiday season. So just what is the Police Athletic League and should you give them your money? We'll ask charity consultant Renata Rafferty for her advice.

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