Elton Bids Farewell to His Spectacular Specs

Elton John says wearing specs is a pain in the glasses -- and has decided to have laser eye surgery.

The flamboyant rocker said he was sick of always misplacing his glasses.

"I was just fed up with looking for my glasses by the side of the bed and having to squint to see the newspapers," John told the BBC.

"I've had all the preliminary tests . . . I'm going to do it."

The surgery will be a blow for diehard Elton fans, who are used to seeing him wear outrageous eyeglasses onstage.

Many of his specs are studded with diamonds and rubies, and one pair lights up like a Christmas tree.

The singer did not say when his eye surgery was scheduled, or if he'll take any time off between appearances.

Elton also said that at 55, he's happier than ever, thanks to giving up drink and drugs and meeting his partner, David Furnish.

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