Elijah Wood, Jack Nicholson and Al Gore

Elijah Wood, Jack Nicholson and Al Gore in The Foxlight.

Elijah Wood has a great gig. I just have a nutty feeling that this Ring movie is going to be pretty big. Wood's rolling in Frodo-dough. But don't get the Lord of the Rings confused with that other 'Ring' movie.

MCCUDDY: If you watch The Ring two weeks later you die?

WOOD: Hmmm.

MCCUDDY: Oh that's a different 'Ring,' sorry.

WOOD: Yes. Great movie though. Except it's seven days -- actually a week later.

MCCUDDY: Oh right.

WOOD: Sorry.

MCCUDDY: I saw the longer version apparently.

WOOD: (Laughs) The director's cut.

And now for something completely different from Jack Nicholson. The About Schmidt star says his sex drive is in "park." Nicholson says he has a different libido now, and that he spends a lot of time sleeping alone these days. He even added, "My fear is that I'm beginning to prefer it."

Finally, Al Gore really is funny. His Saturday Night Live hosting gig proved his Al Gore is almost as good as Darrell Hammond's.