J-Lo, Captain Picard, Jack Nicholson and Rob Schneider in the warm projector bulb glare of The Foxlight.

If Jennifer Lopez was the maid at your hotel, wouldn't you ask her out? I mean if you didn't know she was the maid? Ralph Fiennes does just that in a Xerox of Working Girl and Pretty Woman in Wayne Wang's Main In Manhattan. She's Jenny on the block as long as the block is on Park Avenue. But surprise -- the movie was "maid" for her. She's terrific. Now will audiences say "Do Not Disturb?" If there's a J-Overload, maybe, but I think this one will clean up screening rooms all across the country.

Will someone please put phasers on stun for the next Star Trek movie? Nemesis is proof positive that soon no audience will boldly go into theaters for these things. Critics say the real nemesis on this one is the script.

Jack Nicholson may have another Oscar nod according to several people who've seen About Schmidt. He gets to play frumpy and has a hilarious scene on a waterbed. On the other hand, there's a nude scene with Kathy Bates. Shield your eyes.

Finally, Rob Schneider told the Foxlight that The Hot Chick is his best movie ever. But really, would that be tough?