Topics and Guests for Thursday, Dec. 12

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Topics and Guests for Thursday,
Dec. 12

Sen. Trent Lott, R-Miss., is making a second round of apologies clearly rejecting segregation. Supporters are circling the wagons as opponents reject his apology… but some of the brickbats are coming from the Right, from Republicans and conservatives who fear critics will use Lott's words to hammer the weakest link
Niger Innis of the Congress of Racial Equality
Morris Reid, political strategist
Brian Perry of the Magnolia Political Report

Iraq is strongly denying a report that it supplied Al Qaeda with chemical weapons
Bart Gellman of The Washington Post

Iran has the dubious distinction of making President Bush's axis of evil list. But the son of the late Shah of Iran says he wants his country to become a model of democracy for the entire Arab or Muslim world
Reza Pahlavi, son of the former Shah of Iran

Should Democrats look to cities West Coast cities like San Francisco as a starting point to rebuilding their base?
John Judis, senior editor of The New Republic

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