GOP Credibility on the Line

The Dems are going after Trent Lott, but so are the Republicans, including the president.

So the question is... why?

The answer is that the Dems are out for blood, but the Republicans have much more at stake.

If you are a Republican who argues that race-based quotas and reverse racism pervading many institutions are bad and should be left to the past, then the last thing you want is to be associated with a bunch of closet segregationists.

What Republicans are arguing is that this country has progressed to the point that all people of all races should be able to compete in our national life without having a government-mandated head start or leg up. If in the middle of that debate, there is a perception that the argument is driven by half-century-old racism and a desire to return to the old days of white only, then it is a very bad thing for Republicans and too darn good a thing for Democrats.

That is why you see Republicans getting out in front on the Lott thing.

And guess what? I think President Bush is leading the charge, not so quietly at that.

Maybe Lott can save himself. If so, fine. But if he can't make this go away soon, I think he will step down for the good of his party.

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