Teen Tarzan Swings Onto the WB

A teen Tarzan may be heading to the WB, following in the footsteps of the network's mega-hit Smallville, which follows the adventures of teenage Superman.

The pilot, to be directed by David Nutter, one of the hottest TV directors in Hollywood, would be a contemporary take on the classic tale of the boy who is raised by apes in the jungle after his parents are killed, according to the Hollywood Reporter.

In this teen-angst version of Tarzan, kid Tarzan is brought back from the jungle to New York City by his uncle, the head of a corporation called Greystoke Enterprises.

The WB project, tentatively titled Tarzan, will focus on the boy's struggle to reacquaint himself with the modern world and his relationships with his uncle, his love interest, Jane, and a hot-tempered NYPD detective.

The pilot is being produced by the WB's sister studio, Warner Bros.

In the last few years, Nutter has directed some of the most talked about shows on TV, including Smallville.

Other notches on the director's belt include, The West Wing, Band of Brothers ER and The X-Files.

This latest incarnation of Tarzan would be the 15th television project featuring the Apeman in nearly 40 years.

Since 1918, there have been about 97 movies about Tarzan based on the classic tale that Edgar Rice Burroughs wrote in 1912.

With its core teen-centric audience, the WB has turned teen-angst driven dramas into an art form.

Led by shows like Smallville 7th Heaven and Gilmore Girls the network has been enjoying one of its best seasons ever and posted the most growth this year of all six networks.

Smallville has been potent since its launch last year. The show, which features a teenage Clark Kent before he becomes Superman, is the second highest rated show on the network after 7th Heaven.

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