Mariah Carey, The Sopranos and Dennis Quaid

Mariah Carey says she doesn't worry about the competition when it comes to her new album Charmbracelet. Her albums are for her fans. She claims after her flop movie Glitter a lot of artists would have taken a lot more time off than she did. But she says all her woes -- the lack of sleep that wasn't really a nervous breakdown and her depression -- made the album necessary. Matt Lauer called the lyrics "powerful" in his softball interview on The Today Show -- so you know it's good.

Hey Furio, now that Carmela is heading for the single life, will you come back from Italy? The actor Federico Castelluccio is as cagey as Tony Soprano when it comes to his acting future on the show.

Castelluccio: "Well, I really can't say."

McCuddy: "Do you still have a contract for next year?"

Castelluccio: "Ha! I can't say."

He didn't whack Tony, but he did whack an alligator for his coat. And he's been in Jersey a while. The actor was born in Italy but grew up in Jersey -- just like A.J.

Finally, how does Dennis Quaid feel about being called "The Comeback Kid?" He says 'come back from what?' He says roles like the one in Far from Heaven is having people saying a lot of nice things -- including Katie Couric, who proclaimed to Dennis that she 'just loved his new movie' and that she doesn't say that often. Dennis, did you realize how incomplete your life was before that moment?