Guests and Topics: December 9

Tonight on Hannity & Colmes

The Iraqi government has produced a 12,000-page document for the United Nations that Saddam Hussein says is proof that Iraq does not possess weapons of mass destruction. U.S. officials are busy analyzing the document and translating the portions that are in Arabic, but will the report take the air out of the war hawk's balloons? Is this proof the White House has been waiting for? And if so, what's the next step?
Alexander Haig, former secretary of state

Ellen Rattner, FOX News political analyst continues the debate on Iraq.

Many African-Americans consider Jesse Jackson to be a leader in their community, but a group in Chicago called Voices for Morality strongly disagree. Now the group is made up of about 300 black business owners and clergy. This weekend they marched on Jackson's Rainbow/Push headquarters to protest what they call his "self-annointment as a black leader."
Cheryl Cornelius, Voices of Morality
Jacques Degraff, One Hundred Black Men

Today, President Bush named John Snow to replace Paul O'Neill as Treasury Secretary. So what does the new secretary need to do to stimulate the economy?
Walter Williams, economist

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