Guests and Topics: December 9

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Would America have been a better country if retiring South Carolina Senator and former segregationist presidential candidate Strom Thurmond had actually won the presidency in 1948? That's what Senate Republican Leader Trent Lott said recently. We'll ask a presidential historian to give us a no spin look at that scenario.

Then, the Whitney Houston controversy continues! Could the actress and her husband potentially be charged with child abuse for using drugs in front of their nine-year-old daughter? We'll have a report.

Plus, why is Mexico refusing to extradite a cop killer? We'll ask the widow of the cop who was killed to tell us what's going on.

Also, they could be a powerful weapon in the war on terror... So why has the military decided to fire several linguists just because they're gay? We'll talk with one of the men who was recently given a pink slip: Alistair Gamble.

And, later, as The Factor moves along... The French are making fun of President Bush in one of their television programs. We'll show you the tape... And it might upset you.

Finally, another story concerning the military. Why are whistleblowers at the Los Alamos lab being dismissed? Are they being given the protection required under law? We'll talk with Steven Doran and Glenn Walp, two of the men who have been fired recently.

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