Doves v. Hawks

Okay, hawks... it's time to buck up. The doves have the gloves on, and they're coming out fighting.

Well... not really. They are doves, after all... but they are out there giving the Bush war plan a through thumping. It's time for the hawks to try to justify war if the U.N.'s Inspector Clouseau's can't dig up evidence proving Saddam Hussein has the bad stuff.

For the umpteenth time, let me give you the reason in one quick two-word name: North Korea.

Everybody who wants to see Saddam get the bomb like North Korea did, please stand up. There have to be a few doves out there who think that wouldn't be so bad. After all, France has the bomb... so sure, you can argue that if Saddam had it, things couldn't really be so bad.

France controls wine, North Korea controls nothing but the lives of a few million South Koreans, but Saddam with a bomb could control oil — all of it.

First of all, he's got the second largest lake of the stuff inside his borders. Secondly, the wimpy Saudis next door would fold like a Bedouin's tent, and then where would we be?

Come on doves, let's hear how you would negotiate with Saddam, a bomb in one pocket and the world economy in the other?

Would you beg? Would you wheedle? Would you promise to convert to Islam? Forget about that. He doesn't even care about Islam all that much.

So let's face the facts. It's time for the hawks to sharpen up their arguments. Don't let the doves whine their way out of the most important war of this century.

That's My Word .

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