Ben and Jen, Robert Redford, Paul Newman and The Sopranos

Ben and Jen, Robert Redford, Paul Newman and The Sopranos in The Foxlight.

Ben Affleck won't let the fur fly around his new household. He's promised PETA that no animals will be harmed in the making of Jennifer Lopez from now on. So she'll be faking it if you ever see her in fur.

Robert Redford is also big on saving the animals. Maybe that's why he thinks if one politician was a wild animal he'd be a coyote -- sly and only out for himself. Who is it? Vice president Dick Cheney. I'd have tried to get a comment from Cheney but who can find him?

By the way, Redford's old buddy Paul Newman may be pushing 80 but he's showing up for every show on Broadway. He's the star of a revival of Our Town. The show feels older than he is, but Mr. popcorn and salad dressing is still just incredible.

Finally, The Sopranos finale finally delivered. But that doesn't make up for a generally sluggish season. If Tony wonders what the point to his life is, we have to ask the same question. Hey HBO, make season five a sitcom and let Larry David write the show. That would be incredibly daring and very cool and so of course it won't happen.