Topics and Guests for December 5

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In his first public comments since weapons inspectors returned to his country, Saddam Hussein told top Iraqi officials to support the U.N. weapons inspections today, explaining that only through them can the country avoid war with the United States.

Saddam's conciliatory tone clashed with that of one of Iraq's vice presidents, who had denounced the inspectors the night before as spies for the U.S. and Israel.

In Washington, the White House stepped up its campaign to disavow the inspections as lacking credibility.

We'll have a live report from Baghdad tonight.

Plus, we'll speak the Weekly Standard's  Bill Kristol about the Iraq situation.

Also, is the image of the United States changing from positive to negative around the world? We'll have reaction to a new study.

And, our own Bill O'Reilly will tell us why PBS' Bill Moyers decided to criticize him in a full page ad in the New York Daily News.

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