Raw Data: Selected O'Neill Quotations

Selected quotations from Treasury Secretary Paul O'Neill:

"If you set aside Three Mile Island and Chernobyl, the safety record of nuclear is really very good." — May 21, 2001 speech to a business group.

"Able-bodied adults should save enough on a regular basis so that they can provide for their own retirement and, for that matter, for their health and medical needs." — May 2001 interview with London's Financial Times.

"We're working to find a way to create a sustainable Argentina, not just one that continues to consume the money of the plumbers and carpenters in the United States who make $50,000 a year and wonder what in the world we're doing with their money." — August, 2001 interview with CNN, a week before O'Neill endorsed an $8 billion International Monetary Fund package of new loans for Argentina.

"I guess I made a mistake in thinking it was OK to talk beyond simplistic things. So I'll make it very clear: I believe in a strong dollar, and if I decide to shift that stance I will hire out the Yankee Stadium and some rousing brass bands, and announce that change in policy to the whole world." — Feb. 17, 2001 comments to reporters after a meeting with finance ministers in Palermo, Italy.

"We should all throw our arms around each other so that people will understand that we don't have any differences." — July 7, 2001 news conference in Rome, in response to whether he and other finance ministers had disagreed at a meeting.

"There was no conversation about currency. You know I don't even have to wear a sign anymore saying 'we don't talk about that.'" — in response to a question about the dollar at the same July 7, 2001 news conference.

"I'm a person who likes safety. If you can have a belt and suspenders, why wouldn't you take advantage of both?" — Feb. 8, 2001 interview on PBS with Jim Lehrer.