Jerry's Puffy Shirt Hits $10,000 at Auction

Bidding on the notorious "puffy shirt" worn by Jerry Seinfeld has hit $10,000 -- not that there's anything wrong with that.

The hideous bit of attire is part of a collection of more than 170 cherished costumes, props and scripts from the beloved sitcom that are being auctioned off at

But of all the items up for grabs in the 10-day Seinfeld auction that ends tomorrow night, the puffy shirt has garnered the highest bid.

In the riotously funny episode titled "The Puffy Shirt," Jerry mistakenly agrees to wear Kramer's low-talking designer girlfriend's frilly pirate shirt on the Today show.

The goofy garb creates a stir from the show's host, Bryant Gumbel, causing Seinfeld to angrily blurt out his disdain for the shirt, angering Kramer's gal pal.

The costumer states that the shirt has been altered to fit Jerry and accentuate the "puffy" look.

Other crazy costumes on the block include the turquoise jacket Kramer wears on the hilarious "Merv Griffin Show" episode, as well as a host of his trademark shirts from various episodes.

A bathrobe worn by Kramer has received a bid of $1,115.

Bidding on a signed original script from the episode "The Finale" has soared above $1,900.

Other scripts on the block include "The Soup Nazi," "The Smelly Car," "The Shower Head," "The Nose Job" and Seinfeld's personal script from "The Nap."

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