Interview with Pamela Browne, Senior Producer, 'War Stories'

Lt. Colonel Oliver and the producers of War Stories are back with brand new episodes on the FOX News Channel starting Sunday, December 8 at 8 p.m. ET and 1 a.m. ET! As the season gets under way, we thought you'd enjoy hearing from the Senior Producer of the series in this special interview

FOX NEWS.COM:  As we get ready to fight a possible war with Iraq, what can the American people learn about war from the people you've profiled in War Stories?

PAMELA BROWNE:  An enemy of sand and heat is the same. In World War II, there were people who thought we were inferior. Germany and Japan both thought that. They were so caught up with serving what I call "the war lords." They thought they were genetically superior [in the case of the Germans] and a warrior race [the Japanese].

Americans fight for God and country--whoever their God is.

FOX NEWS.COM: Can you give us a preview of some of the highlights of the new season?

BROWNE: We're trying to mix up the untold stories. We're doing an episode on a field battles in Korea and we're looking at World War II and the War in the Pacific in this season. We're also looking at "The Forgotten Front" -- The China/Burma/India Theater 

There's so much to World War II that's vast and encompassing. And we try to put all battles in time and place. We think that most people have this image of World War II as Tom Hanks and Saving Private Ryan, Germany and Pearl Harbor and there's so much more to it. These were real people.

FOX NEWS.COM: Do any of the people on the staff, besides Colonel North, have a military background?

BROWNE: Every one on the staff is a civilian although I've had experience covering wars for ABC News and FOX News Channel.

FOX NEWS.COM: How do you prepare for each of your shows?

BROWNE: Our staff reads between seven and eight books on the subject. We don't believe everything we read on the internet or even in some of the books. We talk with historians and, of course, we do our best to talk with the best living sources on the story we're covering.

FOX NEWS.COM: Do you ever find discrepancies?

BROWNE: We've gotten timeline differences and you just have to check yourself. And on our staff everyone is allowed to ask stupid questions! My biggest nightmare is to do one of these and get something wrong!

FOX NEWS.COM: When you're looking back, with an historical perspective, what are you trying to do?

BROWNE: We're trying to tell the story from the perspective of the boys who were there. We want to get past all the propoganda--on both sides.

They were given a mission. Everyone of them can recite what they were assigned to do.

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