Guests and Topics: December 5

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Sunday's deadline for Saddam Hussein to declare his weapons of mass destruction is fast approaching, but no matter what he says, will the White House call it a material breach of the U.N. resolution?
Rep. David Dreier, R-Calif
Rep. Jay Inslee, D-Wash

A group called Voices in the Wilderness has been fined by the Treasury Department for violating trade restrictions and providing Iraqis with humanitarian supplies.
Father Bob Bossie, Voices in the Wilderness:

The Augusta National Golf Club is at the center of a fierce debate over whether they should allow women into their private club. But with all the controversy, is Augusta getting a fair shake in the news media?Bob Lichter, center.for media and public affairs
Margie Omero, Democratic consultant:

Just six months before the official opening of the Clinton library in Little Rock, Arkansas, another library will open in the same city. The founders of the Counter Clinton library that said it'll feature 16 rooms of scandals that the official library surely won't touch, including the National Insecurity Hall, the Department of Domestic Affairs, and the Hall of Shame.
John Leboutillier, former Congressman

Our next guests say that they were canned by CBS in 1969 for speaking their minds.
Tom Smothers, comedian
Dick Smothers, comedian

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