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COLMES: Welcome back to HANNITY & COLMES.

Coming up, I just can't believe what we're going to do next just what -- anyway, coming up, we're going to meet two television hosts who are complete opposites, who always bicker with each other on the air.

HANNITY: Oh, boy.

COLMES: Does that sound familiar?


COLMES: Although mom always did like you best, it's the Smothers Brothers. They're going to join us right here live in our New York studio.

But first, next year, just six months before the official opening of the Clinton library in Little Rock, Arkansas, another library will open in the same city. The founders of the Counter Clinton library that said it'll feature 16 rooms of scandals that the official library surely won't touch, including the National Insecurity Hall, the Department of Domestic Affairs, and the Hall of Shame.

Joining us now, former New York Republican congressman and co-founder of the Counter Clinton library, my former friend, John Leboutillier.

JOHN LEBOUTILLIER, FMR. CONGRESSMAN: See, I can rise above this. You are still my friend.

COLMES: Yes, right, I'm kidding around.

LEBOUTILLIER: And I feel sorry for you that you are so misguided, but that's okay. And it's the Hillary Hall of Shame is what it's called.

COLMES: All right, I want to get to that, too. But first, you said your favorite room in one of the stories I read is the exit room.


COLMES: You talk about how the Clintons trashed the White House.


COLMES: That's not a part -- some of the misconceptions here. Let me show you what the GAO report said about this. They said "the condition of the real property was consistent with what we would expect to encounter when tenants vacate office space after an extended occupancy."

LEBOUTILLIER: Right. Now that is not the actual report that the permanent staff of the White House has written.


LEBOUTILLIER: And President Bush...

COLMES: Well the White House had their -- that's what the GAO said, non-partisan.

LEBOUTILLIER: No, but we have a report, and it's posted on our site...

COLMES: Right.

LEBOUTILLIER: ...on the front page, written by the permanent White House staff.


LEBOUTILLIER: It's a 78 page report describing what the Clintons did to the building. And...

COLMES: It was a biased report.

LEBOUTILLIER: No. You think the (UNINTELLIGIBLE) -- the people who worked there. This is the staff.

COLMES: The GAO did this -- hey look, that's one point.

LEBOUTILLIER: Alan, there is no staff. The Clintons not only, as they left the White House trashed it, they trashed the reputation of the White House.

COLMES: Even President Bush said that wasn't true. But let me go on...

LEBOUTILLIER: That's the whole point. He said that because he didn't want to have his presidency begin...

COLMES: All right, now you're making excuses for him. So he lied about it.


COLMES: Let me move on to another point because...

HANNITY: He's being gracious.

COLMES: ...a number of things that I think...

LEBOUTILLIER: Yes, a great friend, great friend.

COLMES: ...are so wrong here. The insecurity, what do you...

LEBOUTILLIER: National Insecurity Hall.

COLMES: Insecurity.


COLMES: Here's what Barton Gelman of "The Washington Post" said. He did a multipart series on what Bill Clinton did about our security. "By any measure available, Bill Clinton left office having given greater priority to terrorism than any president before him. His government doubled counterterrorist spending across 40 departments and agencies."

You know, I pointed out earlier tonight, they warned Condoleezza Rice and the Bush administration...


COLMES: ...about Usama bin Laden, which was ignored. And you guys keep making the case that the guy did nothing. And you're wrong. It's inaccurate.

LEBOUTILLIER: Well, all right, hold on. Okay, can I finally say something?


LEBOUTILLIER: Thank you. There's no doubt in the eight years that Clinton was president, the morale in the military, the readiness of the military, and our ability to fight in the military all went down. He used the military as a social experiment...

COLMES: Ridiculous.

LEBOUTILLIER: put gays in the military, diversity, this and that.

COLMES: They were already there.

LEBOUTILLIER: That's one thing.


LEBOUTILLIER: Secondly, he trashed the national security in the sense of allowing our secrets to be sold.

COLMES: Ridiculous.

LEBOUTILLIER: Taking money from -- you want to say it's ridiculous.

COLMES: It's ridiculous.


HANNITY: John, let me back you up here. And he passed on Usama on four separate occasions.


HANNITY: The media hasn't focused...

LEBOUTILLIER: We're going to sell that book on our site.

HANNITY: Well, it's a great -- and by the way -- people -- you got to go and especially you got a virtual tour.


HANNITY: Counterclintonlibrary...


HANNITY: We'll put it up there for people. This is a good idea because this is all going to be -- the $200 million Clinton library is about lies. They're not going to have impeachment. They're not going to talk about pardons for terrorists. They're not going to talk about decimating the military or loathing the military, but you are.

LEBOUTILLIER: Yes, we're...

HANNITY: Explain what you're doing in this.

LEBOUTILLIER: Well, we're doing it all to set the record straight, because this president, unlike any other, isn't finished now that he's out of office.

HANNITY: Good point. Good point.

LEBOUTILLIER: Because there is Clinton II lurking in the wings, Sean.

HANNITY: She wants to be president.

LEBOUTILLIER: And she wants to run. And he wants her to run. And he wants to move back into the White House to manipulate things behind the scenes.

HANNITY: I told you, you get two for the price of one. I told you.

LEBOUTILLIER: Yes. And that's his dream. Dick Morris, who's helping us on our library, has said how half of Bill Clinton really loves being a political consultant.

HANNITY: What do you think -- you just looked at Hillary. Do you think she can win?

LEBOUTILLIER: I think she could definitely win the Democratic nomination to be president. So she would be halfway home. Could she win? Yes. It's conceivable she could win.

HANNITY: Third party candidate gets in...

LEBOUTILLIER: Splits the Republican vote.

HANNITY: Splits the vote.

LEBOUTILLIER: She could win.

HANNITY: Ross Perot and whatever.

LEBOUTILLIER: Right. What we want to do here is tell the truth about what they did in the White House and their whole public careers, and try to defuse them, and stop her from being president in six years.

HANNITY: It's a noble cause. No, I really...

LEBOUTILLIER: Well, listen, Sean, it will not happen unless your viewers...


LEBOUTILLIER: ...give the money to build this thing. Because we're not getting any rich Saudi princess to give the money.

HANNITY: All right now what are people -- if they want, they can go to your web site,


LEBOUTILLIER: I got an 800 number.

HANNITY: What's your number?

LEBOUTILLIER: 1-888-858-0113. And they can call...

COLMES: You know, I'm so glad that you (UNINTELLIGIBLE).

HANNITY: I put it on...

COLMES: I'm so glad that you don't demonize like you accuse us Democrats of doing.

LEBOUTILLIER: That's the truth.

COLMES: We're going to be right back.

LEBOUTILLIER: You guys demonize yourselves.

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