Comedians, The Bachelor, Whitney Houston and The Hours

Comedians, The Bachelor, Whitney Houston and even a movie in the warm glow of The Foxlight.

Forget the camaraderie that Jerry Seinfeld's movie Comedian shows you. Most stand-up comics hate one another. There's more backstabbing than a Sopranos episode. Jay Mohr knows this. Before he started acting he was a stand-up. That's what makes his new reality show idea particularly perverse. He's producing and hosting Last Comic Standing: The Search for the Funniest Person In America -- 10 comics living in the same house get voted out one by one. Thank you, good night. This should be very dark comedy.

Want a Bachelor update? When Aaron Buerge and Helene get together this weekend it'll only be the fourth time they've seen each other since he asked her to marry him on national TV. He says they want to take things slowly. At this rate it'll be years before they break up. Meanwhile, guess who called him out of the blue? Sandra Bullock. Sandy, leave these kids alone, home-wrecker.

So, Whitney Houston wants proof of her alleged $700,000 drug habit that the tabloids have reported? By "proof," she means "receipts." Yeah Whitney, most drug dealers have receipts. We'll just call their accounting firm.

And was the National Board of Review on some of Whitney's crack when it picked The Hours as the best movie of the year? It's OK, but it won't even be on most top 10 lists.