Topics and Guests for Wednesday, Dec. 4

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Topics and Guests for Wednesday,
Dec. 4

U2's superstar frontman Bono is selling out shows in the Midwest without even singing a note. He's on a seven-day tour through America's heartland, educating people about the spread of AIDS in Africa
Bono, singer
Ashley Judd, actress
Chris Tucker, comedian

TV, radio and newspaper advertising departments love all that ad revenue that comes rolling in before every election. But can those ads end up keeping voters in the dark?
Paul Taylor of the Alliance for Better Campaigns  

Russia, India, Turkey, along with some policy watchers in this country, are expressing some grave reservations about an attack on Iraq, at least anytime soon
Frank Kramer, former assistant secretary of defense

The late '60s were turbulent times, and the Smothers Brothers were right in the thick of it, fighting CBS and the censors over some of the more controversial issues of the day
Tom and Dick Smothers, subjects of the new film Smothered

Should pro-life groups who block access to clinics be treated like mobsters? The Supreme Court is deciding if laws intended to combat organized crime and corruption can be used also to punish the demonstrators
• Judge Andrew Napolitano, FNC senior judicial analyst

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