Guests and Topics: December 3

Tonight...The O'Reilly Factor is on... 

We were the first to tell you about the shocking porn film shot on campus at Indiana University. And now we have a Factor Follow-Up you won't want to miss. The university has completed its investigation but officials don't want to talk about it. And guess what? The producers of the film say they will release it in two weeks!

Plus, we'll take to you Baghdad for a special live report. What's going on there? Do the Iraqi people know how close they could be to war?

And, meet a clergyman who says if Jesus were alive today, he'd be pro-choice! What?! We'll talk to Rev. Mark Bigelow about his controversial thesis.

Finally, we'll have a very unique personal story tonight. Meet Kathie O'Keefe, who had a decades-long affair with a married man... Now her late lover's wife has filed a lawsuit against her! Ms. O'Keefe could wind up losing everything she has! You won't believe this situation!

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