Topics and Guests for December 2

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Topics and Guests for December 2:

U.N. weapons inspectors visited an Iraqi missile factory Monday, one day after catching personnel at an airfield near Baghdad off guard. The latest on weapons inspections…
Jon Wolfsthal, deputy director of the non-proliferation project of Carnegie Endowment for International Peace

Al Qaeda is planning future attacks within Saudi Arabia… Is this an attempt to topple the Monarch?
Ambassador l. Paul Bremer, chairman of the National Commission on Terrorism

One of the sniper shooting victim wonders why he was excluded from compensation fund.
Paul Laruffa, sniper victim who was shot six times and survived

Military: Find out why Iraq poses a range of threats to the U.S. Navy
Captain Chuck Nash, retired U.S. Navy captain

Are we seeing a convergence of radical Muslim groups under an Al Qaeda umbrella
Walid Phares, terrorism specialist

Disarming Iraq…
Gary Milhollin, director of Wisconsin program on nuclear arms control

Is Al-Qaeda is planning an attack inside Saudi Arabia?
Michael Weisskopf, senior correspondent for Time

The inspectors have their date to get their answers. What does that date mean?
Amb. Joseph Wilson, former acting ambassador to Iraq

Saudi connection: Do recent developments show that Saudi Arabia is the real "kernel of evil"?
Irwin Stelzer, senior fellow at the Hudson Institute

War with Saddam: Military strategy
Retored Army Major General Donald E. Edwards, U.S. Army

Charity and terror: A fresh crackdown on Saudi Arabia money as Riyadh admits royal funds were misspent
Michael Isikoff, Newsweek

Installing anti-missile defense systems on commercial airliners
Bryan Bender, contributing editor on Jane's defense weekly

NOTE: Topics and guests are subject to change