Topics and Guests, November 29

Tonight on Special Report with Brit Hume:

The U.N. weapons hunters, sweeping through a disused bio-warfare installation Thursday, spotted a disconnected refrigerator. They moved in, threw open the door, and recoiled in disgust. The stench that wafted out may have come from a batch of harmless material left from a long-ago veterinary experiment. But it got the full treatment — a swab, a sample, analysis to come — in the second day of the painstaking U.N. search for any Iraqi doomsday arms.


• The Israeli tourists targeted in a terrorist attack in Kenya Thursday were back on Israeli soil Friday, after an evacuation by the Israeli army. The more than 200 travelers returned to Israel included the 16 people killed and 80 wounded when three suicide bombers attacked an Israeli-owned beach resort in Mombasa, Kenya Thursday. In a simultaneous attack Thursday, militants fired at least two missiles -- but missed -- an Israeli passenger jet taking off from Mombasa airport.

• Henry Kissinger, who conducted U.S. diplomacy for two presidents during a war in Vietnam, tensions with the Soviet Union and upheaval in the Middle East, brings an incisive mind and a prickly personality to the new task assigned him by President Bush.

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