Topics and Guests for November 29

It's an air traveler's worst nightmare.

On Thursday, two surface-to-air missiles streaked by an Israeli-owned Boeing 757 as it left the Mombasa International Airport in Kenya. The aircraft, owned by the Arkia charter company, landed safely about 5 hours later in Tel Aviv, Israel. None of the 261 passengers and 10 crew members was hurt.

But could it happen here? We'll ask FOX News military analyst General Tom McInerney.

Plus, Black Friday marks the official start of the holiday shopping season. From the malls to the mail to the Web, we've got you covered as we're joined by Michael Baker, International Council of Shopping Centers; Patrick Gates, senior vice president of commerce at America Online and Daniel Sullivan, CEO of Fedex Ground.

United Airlines' stock lost more than a quarter of its value Friday on investor fears that a crippling labor vote setback has dashed its efforts to avoid a Chapter 11 bankruptcy filing. What does UAL's future mean for the rest of the airline industry? We'll have a complete report.

We'll have those stories and more!

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