Kelly Clarkson, John Leguizamo and Jen and Ben

Kelly Clarkson, John Leguizamo and the wonder couple Ben and J-Lo in the hazy pre-nuptial glare of The Foxlight.

Was Kelly Clarkson missing from your Thanksgiving table? Mine either, but according to a Teen People magazine poll she's the No. 1 person who readers would like to have drop by their Thanksgiving dinner. Can't they come up with someone a little more famous than that? No. 2 was a little more interesting -- imagine grandma's reaction to Kelly Osbourne. "Pass the bleepin' mashed potatoes!" And at No. 4, another family pleaser -- Eminem. What rhymes with cranberry jello mold?

John Leguizamo plays a drug dealer in Empire and says, yes, he did research with real drug dealers and it was scary because everyone kept looking over their shoulders for cops. Leguizamo says you can't tell the cops you're researching a role because after Winona Ryder that excuse doesn't work anymore.

Finally, she kicked a little butt in Enough but would J-Lo do the same for her new man? A special video game thinks she would. "Jen Saves Ben" has Affleck being captured by ninjas. J-Lo has to kick her way to his rescue. Maybe she pretends they're production assistants. Anyway, this one-off game was a gift from Jersey Girl director Kevin Smith to the new couple and won't be in stores anytime soon.