8 Crazy Nights, Solaris, Extreme Ops and Treasure Island

George Clooney, Adam Sandler, 'Extreme' effects and a Treasure Planet in the animated glare of The Foxlight.

I've seen Solaris and if someone can get Steven Soderbergh on the phone I'd like to buy a clue. This Kubrick-lite version of 2001: A Space Odyssey has the odd part right. It's creepy and cool but ultimately like the Nicolas Cage- Lisa Marie Presley wedding it's going nowhere. At least nowhere I understood. Yes, Clooney shows his butt. That I do understand -- it's called a diversion. It gets all the press and he doesn't have to explain the movie.

Something much easier to understand is Adam Sandler in an animated film called 8 Crazy Nights. He saved a lot on talent because he voices most of the characters. It's biggest controversy is Sandler wondering why it took three years to make. He says when he was a kid they had new cartoons every Saturday morning.

Extreme Ops could be short for extreme optical effects. The creepy thing is that a guy scouting locations for this movie in Switzerland was killed by an avalanche -- which is almost identical to the film’s storyline.

Finally, a Disney animated film without songs or controversy that sends Treasure Island into outer space and calls it Treasure Planet. It's not a small world, after all?

And that's the always treasure-filled world of new movies good, bad but seldom ugly thanks to the finest plastic surgery money can buy in The Foxlight.