U.S. Special Forces Soldier Wounded in Afghanistan by Sniper

A sniper shot and wounded a U.S. special forces soldier in the leg, an army spokesman said Thursday.

The soldier, who was in stable condition, was riding in a convoy in eastern Afghanistan when an unknown gunman shot him. The shooter escaped.

Soldiers scoured the hills around the site of the shooting, which occurred Wednesday about four miles east of Gardez in Afghanistan's Paktia province.

The soldier, whose identity was not given, was operated upon at a nearby U.S. special forces base. His condition was stable, Col. Roger King told reporters at Bagram Air Base.

The wound was not life-threatening, and King said the soldier would be transferred to Bagram later Thursday for further treatment.

U.S. troops are deployed throughout eastern and southern Afghanistan to hunt down Al Qaeda and Taliban fugitives.

The U.S. bases in eastern Afghanistan are attacked several times a week with rockets or gunfire, but rarely cause casualties.