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Timeline: Attacks on Israelis Worldwide

Here is a list of major attacks against Israeli targets on foreign soil:

— 1968, Athens, Greece: Palestinian gunman opens fire at El Al Israel Airlines plane at Athens airport, killing one passenger.

— 1968, Rome: In first and only successful hijacking of an El Al airliner, the plane is forced to land in Algiers and passengers and crew are held hostage by Palestinians; The last of the hostages are released five months later.

— 1969, Zurich, Switzerland: Palestinian gunman opens fire at El Al plane at Zurich airport, killing a trainee pilot.

— 1972, Munich, Germany: 11 Israeli athletes killed at Munich Olympics after kidnapping by Palestinian gunmen.

— 1976, Entebbe, Uganda: Three passengers and one Israeli commando killed during Israeli rescue of passengers of Air France plane hijacked by Palestinian and European terrorists.

— 1982, London: Attempted assassination of Israeli ambassador, Shlomo Argov by Palestinian gunman.

— 1985, Rome and Vienna, Austria: Palestinian gunmen open fire and throw grenades, killing 18 people in simultaneous attacks at El Al counters at airports in Rome and Vienna.

— 1990, Cairo, Egypt: Gunmen open fire on Israeli tour bus, killing nine Israelis.

— 1992, Buenos Aires, Argentina: 28 people killed in Israeli Embassy bombing, thought to be work of Iran-backed Hezbollah.

— 2002, Los Angeles: Gunman opens fire near El Al counter at Los Angeles Airport on July 4, killing two people.

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