Winona Ryder, Will & Grace and James Bond

Winona rides again, Will & Grace and Harry, James Bond and return this marriage to sender in the warm pre-nup glow of The Foxlight.

The season's hottest Christmas card features Winona "Sticky Fingers" Ryder with the slogan "Let Winona Shop for Christmas." Inside is the message, "Nothing Says the Holidays Like a Bargain," with a $4,850 price tag crossed out and the word "Free" written in. The cards have proven so popular the same company has come out with beer steins, teddy bears, coffee mugs and calendars with the same theme. What? No tote-the-loot shoplifting bag?

Can it really be true that NBC had no idea that the wedding between Debra Messing and Harry Connick Jr. was really going to happen? Of course not. But they say he doesn't have a signed deal for next season. They better get something in writing. The season finale and clip show were two of the highest rated peacock shows last week. Then of course, he has to die in some bizarre interior decorating accident because the show is called just Will & Grace.

Toby Stephens and Pierce Brosnan want you to know that except for falling and jumping down some stairs they did that whole fencing sequence in Die Another Day. That's why it looked so good. Now if Brosnan had just really surfed that tidal wave, the last third of the movie might as been as good as the first two thirds.

Finally, I told you to wait the whole year before sending a wedding gift to Nicolas Cage and Lisa Marie Presley.