Topics and Guests for Wednesday, Nov. 27

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Topics and Guests for Wednesday,
Nov. 27

First Al Gore sounded off against the White House. Now he's going after the media, saying FOX News Channel and others in the media are torpedoing liberal ideas
Michael Wolff of New York magazine
John O'Sullivan, editor in chief of United Press International

Political junkies are chattering about a fantasy presidential match-up, Sen. Hillary Clinton against National Security Adviser Condoleezza Rice
Johanna Neuman of the Los Angeles Times

Washington is stepping up the pressure on Saudi Arabia to crack down on terror financing
Mark Flessner, former federal prosecutor

The terrorism insurance bill President Bush signed has an interesting provision. It allows victims of terrorism to claim the frozen funds of countries that sponsor terrorists
Dan Wolf, lawyer representing Americans who say they were used as
human shields by the Iraqis in 1990

The $500,000 reward for tips in the sniper investigation has some folks worried that it will taint the trial
• Judge Andrew Napolitano, FNC senior judicial analyst 

Hysteria is alive and well. Public interest groups are out to get your attention this holiday season. They say your Christmas tree is a fire hazard, your kids can choke on their Christmas toys, and your turkey can blow up in your face
Steven Milloy of the CATO Institute

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