Osbourne Kids Claim Some Scenes Are Fake

Just as the much-anticipated second season of The Osbournes got underway last night, Kelly and Jack Osbourne say MTV staged several scenes of last season's hit reality show.

On yesterday's Good Morning America, they mentioned two incidents as having been created for dramatic and comedic effect.

"The most fake thing about that show was that family meeting, because that was an MTV idea," Kelly said, alluding to a pivotal scene in which Ozzy Osbourne and wife Sharon sat down for a frank chat with their kids -- with Jack ultimately storming out of the room.

"Yeah, the dog and the dog therapist, that was an MTV thing," Jack added.

In one of last season's more memorable episodes, Sharon called in a doggie shrink to deal with her brood of unruly pooches, who were pooping in the family's new Beverly Hills mansion.

"I put that, in my contract, I would not do anything like that [expletive] dog therapist," Kelly added. "Move on. It's retarded."

The claims that reality was enhanced by MTV was bound to raise the level of controversy surrounding the show -- and it did.

Ozzy Osbourne's publicist told ABC: "Nothing is ever scripted or planned on The Osbournes. Ozzy and Sharon would not have done it unless it were all real."

In other words, the kids' own father is apparently contradicting what they say.

And MTV wasn't pleased either by the revelations.

"You could not stage anything with that family," an MTV spokesman told The Post. "And that is the beauty of the show."

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