Topics and Guests for Tuesday, Nov. 26

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Topics and Guests for Tuesday,
Nov. 26

Saudi Arabia coming under heavy fire in Washington. The country is being singled out for special attention as a haven for and financier of terrorists
Douglas Farah of The Washington Post

Watching on television, the first Gulf War looked like something out of a video game, with our troops taking out the enemy from a nice, safe distance. But for the men in combat, the fear that they might not make it home alive was always there
Anthony Swofford, contributor to Harper's magazine

Just like the Christmas decorations seem to come out earlier
every year, some wonks are already talking about the 2004 election. Is two years enough time for the Democrats to recover from their midterm beating?
• Gov. Howard Dean, D-Vt.

Here's something Democrats and Republicans can agree on: Independent candidates are spoiling their chances at election time. So is this good for our democracy?
John Miller of the National Review
Brian Doherty of Reason magazine

Some conservatives might be shocked to learn who Bob Barr is going to work for once he leaves Congress. The Republican has agreed to advise the American Civil Liberties Union
• Rep. Bob Barr, R-Ga.

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