Topics and Guests for November 25

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A team of U.N. weapons inspectors has arrived in Baghdad. Their search for chemical, biological and nucler weapons could determine whether the United States goes to war against Iraq. We'll have a live report from Baghdad.

Then, an FBI investigation into the financial doings by the wife of the Saudi Ambassador to the United States has a lot of people very upset. Did the Ambassador's wife knowingly funnel money to two of the 9/11 hijackers? Several Senators, from both parties, criticized the Saudis this weekend on the Sunday political talk shows. But today, the Bush administration lauded Saudi Arabia as a "good partner." Is this much ado about nothing or a very big deal? We'll ask FOX News Foreign Affairs Analyst Mansoor Ijaz.

Plus, are more 9/11 style terror attacks likely in the next few months? Some of the information we've managed to get from the top Al Qaeda leaders in captivity paints a frightening scenario. But can we believe it? We'll talk with David Marcinko, former Navy SEAL, terror expert and author of the best-selling Rogue Warrior series.

And later, FOX News contributor Mark Fuhrman and author discusses the puzzling disappearance of four young 20-somethings in Minnesota. Will new clues help crack the case?

Finally, our own Douglas Kennedy investigates the consequences of medicating so many of our kids. It's a report every parent ought to see.

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