Men In Black II, Ice Age and Lovely & Amazing

Some very big movies come to your very small screen in warm cathode ray plasma glow of The Foxlight.

They're back and still in black. Men In Black II is noisy, obnoxious, and only occasionally funny. But it does one thing brilliantly -- it features the Fox News building in the background of one key scene. Otherwise, it's more of same thing as last time, only louder.

Next, chilly scenes of winter: Ice Age comes with a whole ice cube tray of DVD bonuses and extras. Everybody loves Raymond as a wooly mammoth. Ray Romano leads a very prehistoric cast of thousands -- in pounds anyway.

Ving Rhames and Wesley Snipes duke it out in prison in Walter Hill's Undisputed which was very disputed by most moviegoers: They skipped it faster than a Jehovah's Witness infomercial.

Finally, Lovely & Amazing is the sort of follow up to Walking and Talking. If you didn't see that one either, they are both worth a look for the always lovely and amazing Catherine Keener. And here's a little more incentive for Sex and the City fans--the filmmaker sometimes directs some of those too.