Guests and Topics: November 28

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We've got an amazing Factor Follow-up for you! We were the first to tell you about a porn film that was shot right on campus in a dorm at Indiana University! It's an unbelievable story... So why did Shane's World Films decide to make a pornographic film on the I.U. campus? And how did they manage to get away with it without being shut down by the school's administration? More than 20 students were involved in this film! We'll speak with Calli Cox, an actress and publicist for Shane's World.

Then, what kind of groups are really behind some of the folks leading the anti-war movement in this country? The answer might shock you... The Nation's David Corn will be here to reveal the results of his recent investigation.

And, a federal court says no to a Ten Commandments momument in Alabama's judicial building, saying it violates the constitution's ban on separation of church and state. But is that the whole story? We'll have a report. 

Also, will your privacy be compromised by the new Homeland Security Department? Is "big brother" about to appear or are some of the new anti-terror measures the department wants to create just another way to keep us safe from terrorists. We'll have a full report for you when Jim Lewis from the Center for Strategic and International Studies joins us.

Plus, the National Organization for Women is out with its annual look at how women are portrayed on primetime TV. They say that there is a continued lack of gender and racial diversity on network television... We'll debate the report's findings, tonight.

Finally, he helped send child killer, Nathaniel Brazill to jail in Florida for a very long time. But now former prosecutor Marc Shiner has become a criminal defense attorney and he says he's had a change of heart when it comes to kids and crime... Now he doesn't believe that children should be tried as adults. We'll have a No Spin talk with Shiner this evening.

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