Guests and Topics: November 25

Tonight...The O'Reilly Factor is on...

It's official. The United Nations weapons inspectors have arrived in Iraq. They will search for chemical, biological and nuclear weapons...  But is the cat and mouse game about to begin all over again?

Plus, did the 9/11 terrorists get financial help from the wife of a Saudi Ambassador?  The Bush administration is calling Saudi Arabia a "good partner" but the money trail is causing concern. We'll investigate tonight with Newsweek's Washington Bureau Chief  Dan Klaidman.

Then, Ohio State University won the big game on Saturday. So why did fans light cars, throw bottles and set furniture on fire in the streets after the big win? And didn't just happen in Ohio, fan violence also erupted in South Carolina, California, North Carolina and Washington state! What's going on?

And later, shifting to the links. The controversy over the Masters Tournament and Augusta National's refusal to admit women just won't go away. You won't believe what's happening now!

Also, remember the outrageous band Insane Clown Posse? They've literally changed their tune. Wait till you hear this!

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