Below the Fold for November 24

Some political stories we found Below the Fold:

Want a Recount?

Al Gore and his wife Tipper have been out selling their two new books for about ten days now with at least 18 major interviews on ABC, CBS, NBC, CNN, large city newspapers and radio. So far all this publicity has not resulted, in skyrocketing sales.

A quick check of shows that neither Gore book made even the top 100 in sales.

No. 1 on, by the way, is the Bob Woodward account of President Bush and the War on Terror, which came out a week after the Gore's books. 

Senatorial Prerogative

Since some politicians have more weight to throw around than others, they have to pick their causes carefully.  Apparently that's not the case with Senator Ted Kennedy.  

The Washington Post reports that the liberal lion came to the rescue of two women who were among the thousands laid off by US Airways.  The two worked in the airline's Executive Services division at Washington's Reagan National Airport. The service whisks VIPS, like Senator Kennedy, through the airport allowing them to bypass the pesky hassles that regular folks endure.

According to The Post, the women lost their jobs after the service was canceled in late October. Two weeks later they got their jobs back after Kennedy called to complain.

Piling It On

A small weekly newspaper in Cheyenne Wells Colorado called the Range Ledger, has been highly critical of the local school board president for not allowing a reporter to speak at a recent meeting.

The latest front-page attack on Sam Mitchek, was the final straw. He dumped a pile of manure next to the headline "Public Denied Right to Comment" on the paper's counter. Said Mitchek: "I felt what had been published lately has been a bunch of horse manure and that's why I went and got some."