Aerosmith, Britney Spears and Jennifer Lopez

Aerosmith can carry more than a tune, Britney needs cooking lessons and the maid takes a weekend off in the harsh glare of the Foxlight.

Are they changing their names to "Aerosmith and Wesson?" Joe Perry and Steven Tyler got special permits to carry a handgun in New York. That's not unusual — unless the guy issuing the permits got a free limo ride to a concert and enjoyed some backstage privileges. The New York Post says the "Glock This Way" boys got perks because they're stars. Now when they whip out their big ten inch, maybe it's a magnum.

Britney Spears may soon be saying "Oops" over her New York restaurant, Nyla. Vendors say she's walking out on their bills. Food critics won't miss the place — they say the taste of bubblegum doesn't go with chicken wings.

Finally, can't wait for Jennifer Lopez's new movie? Maid In Manhattan was going to open on Dec. 6, but got pushed back to Dec. 13. Why? Internal studio surveys showed women do a lot of shopping early in December, so they held it a week. Maybe that's why no action movies open on Christmas eve — they know that's when men do all their holiday shopping. P.S. Maid in Manhattan is going to surprise a lot of men and women.